United Auto Workers union may be cutting pensions

DETROIT, MI – More than 500,000 retired General Motors workers may have their pensions lowered. This could greatly effect the amount of snowbirds that will come to Yuma County this winter season.

Bruce Burt, a United Automotive Worker (UAW) union member has been coming to Yuma the past two years and says if his pension is cut or lowered it will effect the way he spends his money.

“Being in a contract year if we are going to get raises then that could effect your decision on coming out if you are going to loose money which I hope not, but if you are going to lose money then some might stay in their respective states.” said Burt.

If the agreement passes with general Motors thousands will be greatly effected. Burt also mentioned that he had heard from fellow snowbirds they may not even come out this season.

“I just know there is a tremendous amount of retirees that come to Yuma and I don’t know if they are going to come out here or not.” said Brut.

He adds that many of his friends are having a different attitude this year.

“When we came out the first year last year there was a lot more people and in talking to my friends and what not they are having a sit back and wait attitude.” said Burt.

Despite the pension concerns RV parks in the area say they’re still filling up with reservations.
Gayle Swainton manager of the Pioneer R.V. park says last year they were are at 96 percent full, but this year the numbers were a little lower.
“Right now we are 70 percent full, but come December we see the big push and I think we will be full.” said Swainton.


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