Unlicensed contractors take advantage of homeowners

YUMA, Ariz. – When disaster strikes, it can be quick and life changing, but what comes next could make matters worse for homeowners. In the wake of the aftermath, Yuma police say it’s uncommon for unlicensed contractors to solicit repairs door to door. Arizona Registrar of Contractors warn consumers to shop smart ensure they know who they’re dealing with before signing up for construction on their home.

Jim Knupp with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors said, “A storm chaser or a disaster chaser…they’re typically attempting to take advantage of  homeowners who have suffered damage due to a wildfire, natural disaster, looking to make repairs to their damaged property.”
Officials say these storm chasers typically take off leaving work unfinished. So far, this year alone, Arizona ROC investigators received 3,600 complaints. They say working with a licensed contractor makes a big difference, because then their organization can help you get money back through a recovery fund.
If not, a homeowner is left in debt and more work to be done. To avoid this from happening to you log on to www.azroc.gov  for a complete list of Arizona’s licensed contractors.

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