Upgrades to San Luis Port may shorten pedestrian wait time

YUMA, Ariz. – Built in the 1980’s the San Luis Port of Entry is outdated. Port Director John Schwamm says the facility presents a challenge for traffic flow that increases up to eight percent each year. “It’s outgrown itself. We’re at a point where we can only do minor construction efforts to expand what we can do for capacity,” said Schwamm.
Three millions people pass through this port. So pedestrians can wait several hours on their feet. Schwamm said, “So the capacity that we’re at is basically saturated what this port was designed to do.” To alleviate the issue, eight new kiosks will be installed in this space. The expansion will replace current systems. Travellers will scan their documents into the kiosk before meeting a customs and border protection officer.
Schwamm hopes the new technology will speed up the process. He said, “This technology is new. There is a learning curve that everyone needs to learn. Not only from our officer’s stand point but from the travelling public. And hopefully this will not only add capacity to what we can process but also to help reduce wait time.”
If all goes according to plan, pedestrians at the San Luis Port should expect the new system in place by this Fall.

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