Vehicle thefts increase in Yuma

Vehicle thefts increase in Yuma

YUMA, Ariz- A vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds in the United States that’s according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. In 2007, the Phoenix metro area was ranked as the 8th highest rate of vehicle thefts on a per capita basis.

The numbers have decreased over the years however, vehicle thefts are still a problem nonetheless.

We spoke with Joe Franklin with the Yuma Police Department who says they’ve noticed a bit of an increase in vehicle thefts in the Yuma area.

Franklin adds, “Smaller cars are always a target, obviously them being a border town there’s always that risk of them taking them across the border and selling them there so they can’t be traced as easily. 

Honda, Toyota’s and dodges are the most common cars that are stolen. Franklin says you have to remember the basics and always remember to lock your door.

Franklin adds, “Make sure that your car is always locked and that you don’t leave any valuables in there that are going to draw the attention of the possible car thieves. Make it as hard as possible for them. Park in the lighted areas if you have garages put your cars in the garage. Stuff of that nature.”

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