Veteran evicted from home

YUMA, Ariz. –  A Yuma resident named Bob Adams says he received an eviction notice after speaking to us about issues he was having with his landlord. He reached out to us in June, at the time he said humane waste was filling his and many of his neighbors yards and that his landlord was doing nothing about it. Since then the sewage issue has been fixed.

Adams says he is a veteran who served for 25 years. He has lived at his home at the Trails End RV Park for 12 years. The eviction notice states the reason for asking him to move out is because he caused problems for management and other tenants. We spoke to several of his neighbors that say Adams is the only reason the sewage was fixed and they are grateful to him, they would not appear on camera for fear of also being evicted. Five residents say they will sign papers to help Adams fight this in court.

We tried calling Adam’s landlord who did not answer and his inbox is full not allowing anyone to leave a message. Adams says this is a regular occurence and he has not been able to make contact with his landlords in over a year. Adams says he is meeting with an attorney on Thursday to try and fight this in court.


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