Veteran reunited with lost service dog

YUMA, Ariz. – Daniel Cornier served in Afghanistan along with his trusted German Sheppard named Darko. On Tuesday, Darko ran away from home. This was a tragic loss for Cornier who describes Darko as being a part of his family, “It was like losing a brother or sister”. He put a post on Facebook saying how his dog was lost. On Wednesday a woman named Rebecca Grande posted on the internet that she found a dog, with a picture that looked alot like Darko. Through comments by residents around the community these two strangers were able to get in contact with each other. Cornier met with Grande on Wednesday night. She did indeed have Darko.

Cornier expressed his gratitude for being reunited with Darko, who is now home safely. It goes to show that when you see a lost dog it may mean the world to somebody somewhere and a simple post online can make all the difference.

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