Virginia reporter speaks out on the death of his colleagues

Virginia reporter speaks out on the death of his colleagues

YUMA, Ariz- A moment of silence the world is now joining in on at a time when two journalist had their lives taken away from when they both got shot by a former employee during a live report on Wednesday.

We spoke to WDBJ-TV reporter Shayne Dywer who’s been with the station since September of 2014 on how he heard the news.

Dwyer says, “It was very disturbing to hear. I was woken up by a co-worker who called me to tell me that she was not watching the morning show but she woken up and had checked out Facebook and saw that viewers were posting the videos on our Facebook.”

WDBJ’s General Manager says he’s proud of how his news team has been handling the situation.

Jeff Marks said, “We’re doing ok. My greatest concern is of the news team and they’re doing a marvelous job holding it together.”

Dywer said, “I’m good for 20 minutes then I have to take a break for five then I’m good for 20 minutes then I have to take a break for 5 minutes. That’s just the way it goes kind’ve taking it a day at a time an hour at a time. I’m worried about getting through tonight.”

The dynamic duo and pair that were dedicated to bringing the community the news every morning colleagues now describing Alison Parker and Adam Ward as special people. Both extremely passionate about their jobs, life and family.

Dwyer adds, “They were both professionals in every sense of the word. And took their jobs very seriously and were passionate about their jobs, their families and life.”

Parker had recently moved in with her boyfriend. Ward was engaged to be married.

“She was looking forward to life and I was looking forward to life with her.”

Dwyer said, “Everyone’s hurting, there’s no two ways around that. But there’s still a job to be done. Allison and Adam would have wanted us to do that job.”

Dwyer says the community outreach has been nothing short from generous and comforting.

Dwyer adds, “It’s been incredible, people are dropping off food, people have put flowers, people have been dropping of sweater shirts and TV shirts that represent Allison and Adam and putting things out in front of the station. I mean its just mobbed.”

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