Water users may fall victim to a water scam

If you are within Yuma city limits, listen up. There is a new scam, pretending to be City of Yuma water employees and Yuma area businesses have been the target.
Dave Nash with the city of Yuma says, “The city has a very specific method for how it informs you that your bill is overdue.”
Green dot calls customers informing them they are delinquent on their water bill and their water will be shut off. What you need to remember is city of Yuma will never call you asking for money.
Clue number one that it’s a scam, the city of Yuma mails customer their statements, so if it’s someone calling, hang up.
Nash says, “It’s going to be your responsibility to check your billing statement in the mail.”
Clue number two, the scammers call asking to pay to a green dot account.
Nash says, “The city doesn’t accept that as a form of payment for city services bills that means that money is going to a third party account that someone else can chase.”
If you want to play it safe, you can mail your payment to the city of Yuma, pay online at my uma or pay in person at the customer service desk.

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