Where’s the owner?

EL CENTRO, Calif.- Residents at an El Centro mobile home park received notices informing them that their power will be shut off.  The park residents claim they have paid their bills but blame the owner for not submitting the payments.

Date Gardens mobile home park is made up of 72 mobile homes, and residents there may soon no longer have access to utilities. Betty Corbin has lived at Date Gardens for 19-years, she says the notice she got from the Imperial Irrigation District says residents have 15 days before the electricity is shut off.

“Nobody can get a hold of the owner of this park, we’ve paid bills to him and he hasn’t paid them so the utilities are shutting us off” said Corbin.

Park residents say they have tried to contact the owner with no luck. They say this problem has been happening for the last 3 months. Several residents say the park manager says he also doesn’t know what is going on, that even he can’t get a hold of the owner. Resident Vincent Slack says in the 9 years he’s lived in the park, this is the first time they’ve had this issue.

“He called the manager like about ten days ago and he said he would take care of it but he’s not.” said Slack about the park owner.

Resident Maria Navarro is also worried about the thoughts of her family living without gas or electricity.  Navarro says that everyone in the park feels the same way.

“Very bad, a lot of uncertainty because we don’t know.” said Navarro.

Date Garden residents are looking for answers as to what will be happening if their utilities are shut off.  They say the life of some residents there depend on breathing machines that need to be plugged in.  For now, these residents are desperately hoping the park owner will come in contact with them and answer all their questions.

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