With only one week away from primary elections, Yuma city council candidates are campaigning

We’re only a week out from primary elections. Tuesday afternoon, the Yuma Rotary Club hosted a forum where people were able to meet the candidates running for spots in the Yuma City Council.

Adrian Elder with the Yuma Rotary Club said, “They were given about five minutes to talk about their stances what they’re for, what they’re against.”

Jacob Miller is running for one of the open spots in the Yuma City Council.

Miller said, “I want to see the city grow and become prosperous because I believe economic development is the future of our city.”

Miller says he is thinking about his children and the future of the city. “It’s the economic development and really making our city attractive I’ve seen the great times and I’ve seen the bad times that means attracting more business.”
Kim Hamersley says its the ‘you’ in Yuma that she would represent as a city council member.

Hamersley said, “Counsel members should be willing to play an active role in several areas; communication, innovation, accessibility and commitment. I would take great pride in personifying these traits locally, regionally and nationally, if necessary, showing Yuma in the best light.”

Hamersley thinks she can bring a lot to the table because she knows what works. “I think I have a lot to add in that respect.”

Marilyn Young told News 11 that she wanted to give the people choices and there wasn’t a woman running, and there needed to be.

Raul Mendoza says “I’m not there to be fair, I’m there to do the right thing.”

Mendoza said, “I’m ready to go back, there are some tough decisions that don’t make you very popular.”

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