Woman fatally stabbed, husband is main suspect

YUMA, Ariz.-

A woman was fatally stabbed in Yuma over the weekend and police say her husband is the prime suspect in the investigation.

Yuma police say they found 36-year-old Lanika Ortega lying in her driveway bleeding to death.  Lieutenant Clinton Norred with the police department says, “Upon arrival, the officers located the victim, Lanika Ortega, in the driveway with stab wounds.” This happened Saturday around three when police received numerous domestic disturbance calls in the neighborhood of 14th avenue and 12th lane. Neighbors say they could hear someone screaming for help.

One officer arrived on scene first and as they were helping the victim and waiting on back-up, police say her husband 37-year-old Roberto Ortega came out of the house and attacked the officer. “There was a physical confrontation between the officer and Mr. Ortega,” says Norred. “During which he attempted to gain control of the officer’s weapon.”

The officer was able to detain Ortega by shooting the suspect with his taser. Ortega was taken to the Yuma county detention center and is charged with three felonies. Norred says, “He [Ortega] was booked for first-degree murder, aggravated assault on a peace officer and aggravated assault on an officer attempting to the weapon.”

Ortega will stand in front of a judge Tuesday to hear his charges.

Neighbors say the Ortega’s had been living in the house for less than a year and they have two children.


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