WTI ending Friday with intense exercise


YUMA,- Ariz.

On Friday thousands of Marines from all over the country will take part in the weapons and tactics instructors course, the only intense training of its kind and Yuma offers the opportunity to use the city as part of the exercise.

The course is for students and instructors to practice scenario based exercises that require a quick reaction force to extract personnel from hostile situations.

It is not only open to the Marines but also other branches of U.S. Military and friendly foreign nations.

There are four locations where the training will take place in Yuma; Kiwanis Park, Trinity Christian Center, Crane Middle School and Yuma Regional Medical Center. Most of the action will take place at Kiwanis Park and officials say the exercise will not interrupt YRMC.

Commanding officer Colonel Jim Adams with Marine Aviation, Weapons and Tactics Squadron One says he is thankful for the relationship between WTI and Yuma.

“The relationship we have with the community of Yuma allows us to land our helicopters and operate our forces out in the city, it’s a very unique relationship and one that we honor and cherish and are very lucky to have all the support of the community of Yuma.” said Col. Adams at today’s press release.

The exercise will start at 3:30 p.m. and will go on till about 9:00 p.m. on Friday at the various locations in Yuma

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