YCSO: Don’t shoot into the air this holiday season

YCSO: Don’t shoot into the air this holiday season

YUMA, Ariz. – It’s a problem law enforcement encounters every year and throughout the country people who want to shoot firearms to bring in the new year.

Sheriff Leon Wilmot with the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office said, “That’s a significant concern for us because what goes up must come down and that’s why there’s some pretty serious laws to individuals that are firing weapons off especially when you live in a residential area.”

Sheriff Wilmot says his deputies see it happen a lot more in the rural areas of the county but the cities also experience it as well.

Wilmot adds, “Unfortunately we get the calls that we have to go because someones found a bullet that’s went through either a window or a door.”

If someone is caught shooting a firearm off in a neighborhood you’re not only endangering the lives of others, but you can also get in trouble with the law.

Wilmot adds, “Those individuals are responsible for not only endagering others but commitment damage. And then if someone gets hurt…heaven forbid…then they’re also responsible for that as well.”

Sheriff Wilmot recommends people not do it at all because the dangers are too high.

Wilmot adds, “It’s not safe, don’t do it. If you know someone that does tell them stop. Because you know because its a pretty significant problem for us as far as law enforcment goes. We’ve actually charged people with not only endangerment but misuse of firearms.”

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