YCSO says U.S. District attorney refuses to prosecute illegal immigrants

YUMA, Ariz.-

Yuma County Sheriff’s office is arresting illegal immigrant criminals for drug smuggling and identity theft because the U.S. district attorney fails to prosecute them and it’s causing Yuma tax payers close to a million dollars this year.

Since last October, YCSO has made more than 150 arrests and last week alone they arrested 13 illegal immigrants who used fake passports.

After the suspects are released by federal agents, YSCO makes the arrest and hold them in county jail for 120 days and Sheriff Wilmot says the district attorney should refund Yuma the money.

“If you are not going to do your job and we have to do it for you, you should be paying us,” said Wilmot.

Last year it cost tax payers about $950,000 to jail the suspects and Sheriff Wilmot said YCSO was only refunded $54,000. This year it will cost tax payers $980,000 and Sheriff Wilmot says he is still waiting on a reply from the district attorney.

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