Young students learning agriculture biology

YUMA, Ariz. – The spring semester is starting for Yuma County schools and students are getting  hands on experience with agriculture biology. This is all thanks to eighteen University of Arizona students that built gardens for Rancho Viejo, Rolle, Valley Horizon, Palmcroft Elementary, Carver Elementary, and Centennial Middle school.

The program not only will teach students biology, but also about living a healthy lifestyle. According to the health department in Yuma County diabetes and obesity is on the rise.

“The schools are doing science projects where they are cutting up seeds when they are growing to show their germination process,” said Tricia Kinnell, Yuma County Health District.

The project was funded with grants and donations from the Arizona Community Foundation of Yuma, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and Howard V. Moore Foundation.

Partnering organizations were Education Foundation of Yuma County, The University of Arizona, Yuma County Cooperative Extension, Yuma County Superintendent of Schools, and Yuma County Health District.


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