Youth group proposing ban on smoking at parks

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – A youth group affiliated with the non-profit health organization Compisenos Sin Fronteras is urging the San Luis city council to ban smoking in public parks. They say smoking at parks is a health risk as Licbeth Vasquez, health educator for Compisenos Sin Fronteras, explains, “Second hand smoking is as dangerous as first hand smoke many kids are at the park they are contaminating the air.”

A year ago the Youth Group was successful in getting the city of San Luis to ban smoking at Moctezuma Park. Last week they appeared before the city council proposing the ordinance be expanded to all public parks. They would also like to see stricter enforcement and education in place. They say since the ban at Moctezuma park was put in place there have been no fines issued and no signs put in place warning residents that smoking is prohibited. “We want people to first be educated to know that there will be fines if you smoke on the park”, says Ivan Gutierrez a coordinator with the youth group. The youth group says that a majority of the community seems to be on their side as Gutierrez explains “We interviewed 100 people 97 of them said they want a policy to ban smoking in parks”. They say the city council has been very supportive. They are expected to decide on the issue in the next few weeks. “I hope to see in two weeks, three weeks maybe a month that this policy will be enacted”

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