YPD and City Council discuss hands free policy on texting

YPD and City Council discuss hands free policy on texting

YUMA, Ariz- Concerned citizens have made comments to the Yuma Police Department about creating a texting policy for the city of Yuma.

PIO Lori Franklin with the Yuma Police Department said, “We did lots of research in it and we came up with a policy- the hands free driving policy.”

This means if you’re driving you cannot have a cell phone in your hands, text or be on the phone. You can only use your phone if it’s hands free for example, Bluetooth.

Franklin said, “If you get caught its a $100 fine plus other fees that may apply. If there’s an accident that’s involved it’s $250 plus other fees that may apply.”

Locals agree with the hands free policy.
One local resident said, “We need to learn to change our ways I know guilty of texting while driving at times. I try to limit to the stop lights but then I’ll take off and catch myself.”

Chief John Lekan, along with a police captain and a police sergeant took questions from council Tuesday evening, and were present at tonight’s discussion with the council.

Nothing is set in stone. During the next city council they will vote on whether or not they want to adopt the ordinance and if they agree to. Then it’ll take 30 days for the hands free policy to go into effect.



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