YPD gives tips to prevent burglaries

YPD gives tips to prevent burglaries

YUMA, Ariz. – Over 122 burglaries have taken place in the last 25 days, stolen items have been mostly high priced.

“They’re stealing the bigger ticket items like TVs, stereos and laptops,” said Yuma Police Department Sgt. Lori Franklin.

After many complaints of burglaries and thefts online, Franklin says they continue to search for suspects.

“There happening around town it’s not one area in particular,” Franklin said.

While areas all over Yuma have been affected by burglaries, most of them are done during the day according to police.

“A lot of times during the day when people are at work. Then people are taken advantage of the fact that your house is empty or your yard is empty. Neighbors are probably working also,” Franklin said.

Franklin says if you see someone outside lurking or anything out of the ordinary to report it.

“Let us know whats going on, if we don’t know whats going on, we can’t investigate it,” Franklin said.

Franklin says some of the homes and businesses burglarized could have been avoided if they would have been locked up.

“They go up to your front door. They’ll kick in your front door. They’ll break the glass, they’ll get in. You got to keep everything locked up,” Franklin said.

Besides making sure your home is secure, she says, make a list of your items and their serial numbers.

“If we don’t have serial numbers its very hard for us to go to a pawn shop and say that is your item. But if you have your serial numbers that’s how we can identify it,” Franklin said.

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