YPD goes undercover on 4th Ave intersection and tells us why

YUMA, Ariz. – Police officers gave out 47 traffic violations to drivers on Thursday after an under cover sergeant stood at two different intersections on Fourth Avenue.

Police Assistant with the Yuma Fire Department, Edith Ruiz said, “After a few hours at this intersection 16th and Fourth they decided to move down to 24th and Fourth. We did relieve a lot of comments from the people as well thanking us for being out there and doing our job.”

Police pulled over 53 drivers total for violations ranging from running a red light to distracted driving and speeding. Officers also made three arrests and impounded four cars.

Ruiz said, “When we do get complaints they have to be looked into and of course if there’s fractions being committed. A big contributor to vehicle accidents is drivers not paying attention to the traffic laws.”

YPD says they had the idea to go undercover after they received several complaints about drivers violating traffic laws daily at the 16th Street and Fourth Avenue intersection.

“Drivers need to follow the traffic laws better. To make their complete stops to turn on their turn signals, to slow down on a construction zone. So knowing that the police are there that’s what causes people to follow the laws,” said Ruiz.

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