YPD receiving too many false alarm calls

YUMA, Ariz.-

A rise in false alarm calls in Yuma has led to the city and police department implementing a new rule that could make alarm owners pay if their alarm goes off.

This part of the city’s Yuma False Alarm Reduction Program. The ordinance was passed by the city in 2015  after YPD received thousands of alarm calls that turned out to be false. Anyone who has an alarm system will have to register it through this new program. “Starting September 1st, people will have to register their alarm systems,” says Edith Ruiz with the Yuma Police Department. 

Police receive more than 5,000 alarm calls a year. Dave Nash with the city of Yuma says nearly all of those calls turn out to be false,“Pretty much over 99 percent of the alarm calls that YPD has been responding to are false alarms.”  Nash says at least two officers are sent to alarm calls. Nash says, “When you have an alarm system situation, you don’t know what you are going to get on scene there so you pretty much have to send more than one officer to check out that situation.”

Ruiz says with so many false alarm calls, it is creating a problem for police. “Once officers arrived on scene, it was maybe a worker who accidently hit the panic alarm or somebody cleaning. So by then we already sent two officers and it’s the resources and the time spent responding to the call,” says Ruiz.

The way the program works is you register your alarm online. Whenever the alarm goes off the program tracks it and sends police. If you have three false alarms you will be fined. Ruiz says, “After the third offense, the third response to a false alarm at the same location they will be fined 100 dollars or they can possibly be asked to attend an awareness class. They can also be fined up to 250 dollars.”

Police receive multiple false alarms from one home or business. After multiple false alarms at one location, police will not be sent to investigate. Nash says, “There will be a maximum number of false alarms that you can have with us before you’re cut off and your permit is revoked.”

The city says there is some leeway for those who may have faulty alarm systems that go off. It will not cost any money to register your alarm system.

For more information and if you want to register, click the link below.


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