YPD reports fewer DUI arrests during holiday weekend

YUMA, Ariz.-

The Yuma Police Department had a busy Labor Day weekend patrolling the streets for impaired driving. With help from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, police conducted 141 traffic stop with eight DUI-related arrests. 

Two of the DUI arrests were aggravated says Sgt. Lori Franklin with YPD. One person under 21 who was intoxicated was arrested. Another was drug related. The average blood alcohol content was .108. Franklin says 72 other citations were given, “We had 14 ticketed for speeding and 58 tickets for other violations other than speeding.”

A total of 80 citations were given out of the 141 stops. 19 drivers pulled over were designated drivers says, Franklin and there are fewer DUI’s compared to 2015. “The DUI arrests are down and we actually had more designated driver contacts this year than last year. So it looks hopeful, one less DUI arrest but more contacts with designated drivers that’s a good sign.”

There were more traffic stops conducted in 2015 for the three-day weekend. However, Franklin says lower numbers is a positive sign, “Anytime we get numbers down, I mean we did have more traffic than we did last year and we had less DUI’s even one less DUI is a good thing.

Even with the 141 traffic stops, Franklin says it was a pretty calm weekend with no major incidents reported. “Within the city we didn’t have any major incidents go on, nothing big. That’s a positive, especially with it being the last weekend of the summer,” Franklin says.  

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