YPD teams up with the City of Yuma for drug campaign

YPD teams up with the City of Yuma for drug campaign

YUMA, Ariz-

The Yuma police department is asking for your help to find out what areas they need to work on when it comes to illegal drug usage in Yuma county. They’ve teamed up together to conduct a survey that consists of four questions to bring awareness on the use of meth and heroin in our community.

PIO with the Yuma Police Department Jeff Oates, said, “The meth problem is particularly bad. And heroin is on the rise as it is everywhere in the country and part of that stems from the pain killer epidemic. People turn to heroin because it’s cheaper.”

Part of the education campaign is to focus on the two most addictive drugs. And get information out there as fast as they can to attack the issue.

Oates said, “Down the road we’ll be having town halls and certainly part of the education campaign is also connecting people to treatment options because also what we’ve found from the survey so far is that there’s very little people know about the treatment options in our community and where they’re at and where to go.”

Oates says they’re not only reaching out to Yuma residents but connecting with those that are addicted to these drugs.

Oates adds, “We’re interviewing ex-addicts and all sorts of different people within the community not just those that are directly involved with preventing it, but people and citizens who’ve been there and have experience in it.”

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