YRMC’s emergency department under major expansion construction

YUMA, Ariz- Yuma Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department is under construction and has changed dramatically since the start of their building process.

Project Engineer for the new building, John Kovesdy said, “It’s a beautiful hospital with all the state of the art facilities.”

The new facility is expected to be three times bigger than the current 24-bed-emergency department. It will also feature two helicopter landing pads. YRMC says the new facility will allow them to better streamline patient care and be more efficient.

“There’s a lot of things behind the walls that people don’t see are there. You know you see a pretty painted wall you don’t realize that the lights and the water coming to it and everything behind it coming from the scenes. There’s working systems in place that are very complex that go completely unseen” said Kovesdy.

He mentions keeping the hospital functioning and not getting in the way of drivers on the road getting to and from is the hardest part of the job.

Kovesdy adds, “We’ve tried to have as little impact on this hospital as we can because of the phasing. We’ve phased this in a way that we can shift the traffic to another side of the hospital while we’re on this side of the hospital and shut it down. Hence, why we’re on this side of the parking garage went first and stuff like that. I know I avoid 16th street now.”

Recently, the McCarthy Building Companies took on an intern from the J-Ted program that is helping the construction workers build the facility. He tells us how you too can join in on the fun and help be part of a great creation by visiting their website at www.mccarthy.com and applying for an intern position.

The new emergency department building is scheduled to be opened in the fall of this year.

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