Yuma Border Patrol agent charged with felony assault

YUMA, Ariz. – A trained mixed martial arts fighter and Border Patrol agent is charged for alleged felony assault.

On March 6 a Yuma Police report claims Chance Farrar threw punches outside the cage at the Kress Ultra Lounge on Main Street just before 2 a.m.

Lori Franklin with the Yuma Police Department said, “It’s alleged Chance Farrar had thrown multiple punches striking the male subject causing multiple injuries.”

The victim reports he was standing by the dance floor with a few girlfriends when Farrar approached to ask if one would dance with a friend of his. When she shook her head no, Farrar asked again. The victim says he stepped in to stress the woman didn’t want to dance with Farrar’s friend. The victim says that’s when Farrar punched him in the face six or seven times breaking his cheekbone. The victim’s head then hit a woman behind him in the nose.

“The punch that was thrown to the male subject caused his head to go back and strike her in the face,” said Franklin.

Yuma police have yet to release that footage recorded by the nightclub.

“It will more than likely be used in court, ” said Franklin.

In the police report, Farrar says he was threatened by the victim’s tone of voice and body language. He attributes his reaction as innate due to his training as a fighter and Border Patrol agent with the Yuma Sector. BP say Farrar has been an agent for 15  years. He now faces a felony charge that could cost him his job if convicted. Border Patrol officials say Farrar is suspended without pay and released this statement:

“We fully cooperate with any criminal investigation, and CBP Office of Professional Responsibility investigates all alleged misconduct by our personnel, on or off duty.”

Farrar is now charged with two counts, the first a felony aggravated assault, and a misdemeanor for assault intent with reckless injury. As a law enforcement official, Farrar can’t work with a felony on his record because BP say he wouldn’t be able to carry a firearm.

“With our jobs being what our jobs are, we try to take the responsibility level not to get into altercations with people, I mean we don’t want to get into altercations with people, we try to hold ourselves to a higher standard in both our professional and our personal lives, ” said Franklin.

At this point it’s up to Farrar if he will take a plea deal, if not his case will go to trial. Until that decision is made we won’t know what date that trial would start.

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