Yuma Border Patrol caught 4 wanted individuals

Yuma Border Patrol caught 4 wanted individuals

YUMA, Ariz. – Border Patrol arrested four people who had warrants for their arrests on separate incidents during the past few days.

Border Patrol arrested two U.S. citizens trying to pass through the Interstate 8 checkpoint east of Yuma after they were asked to go to secondary inspection, Tuesday afternoon. One of the warrants was from Tucson and the other from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office. Both suspects were turned over to the Department of Public Safety.

The other two individuals were illegal aliens who were also arrested during Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. One was near Las Palomas Ranch and the other along the west side of the Granite Mountains. Both had warrants from the Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC) and will be returned to DOC to complete the remainder of their sentences.


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