Yuma City Council amends proposed false alarms ordinance

YUMA, Ariz. – On Wednesday the Yuma City Council discussed a proposed ordinance that would require all alarm users to have a permit and would also have fines for false alarms. The council was concerned with a portion of the law that would allow the city to charge alarm users a fee for the permit.

Deputy Mayor Edward Thomas said “Future councils, the local government body, may use that as a loophole to perhaps use that as a revenue source”. The council decided to amend the ordinance, removing portions stating they may charge a permit fee. They will continue to discuss the law at their next city council meeting.

The ordinance was proposed in an effort to limit a waste of police resources. Capt. Rod Hamilton of the Yuma Police Department said “Every year the department responds to 5,000 false alarms”. If passed the law would require all alarm owners to have a permit. The first two false alarm infractions would result in only a warning, the third offense you would have the option of a fine or to take a false alarm awareness class, further offenses would have fines starting at $100 and would go up from there. At the 10th offense you would lose your permit.



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