Yuma City Council approves two major decisions

YUMA, Ariz.-

Today the Yuma City Council made a final decision on if the land on the corner of 9E and 24th Street will be annexed for apartments to be built. City council originally planned to make a decision on July, 15th but moved back the decision after hearing from concerned citizens on how the apartments might affect the farm just north of the planned site. City council members agreed that they wanted to make sure that the farmers would be okay with apartments being built south of their property and make sure it would not disrupt the farm land.

After talking to the farmers and land owners, the owners said it would be alright for Saguaro Desert Land to be medium density. Allowing them to build apartments or condos on the land. This led to city council approving medium density.

Another major decision was who would be the contractor for the rebuilding of Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground. City Council approved Yuma Valley Contractors to rebuild the park and say it will be completed by December 2015. Deputy City Administrator Ricky Rinehart said the community will help build the playground just like when the park first opened in 2007.


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