Yuma County makes strides in the mental health field

Great strides are being made in the mental health field, right here in Yuma County. Local integrated health consultant, Liz Manjarrez said that never before has a psychiatrist been brought in the the mental health court room.

Manjarrez said, “The doctor is in court, its a one stop shop to where the individual gets all the services they need versus having to wait to see the doctor.”

Manjarrez says in her 18 years as a mental health field this is ground breaking in the study of mental health

Manjarrez said, “It’s going to reduce the routine of in and out of the hospital in and out of jail.” The purpose of the study is to provide people with mental illnesses the medical care they need.
Manjarrez said, “If there’s someone in mental health court and they need some sort of services, it could be a couple weeks to a month before that individual gets what they need from the psychiatrist versus the psychiatrist being in the court room.”

Manjarraz and a local psychiatrist have been invited to present their findings in London and Vienna.

They did a basic test run to see if it will work and now they’re traveling to Vienna to present their findings.

Manjarrez said, “They’re attending the 2015 Congress of the International Academy of Law and
Mental Health to bring awareness to what is being done in Yuma County.”

Based on their findings they believe its beneficial to have a psychiatrist in the court room.
Manjarrez said,”We are supposed to meet when we come back to see if we can continue the study.”

Manjarrez said it appears that it will work but we need a lot more numbers to show that it is significantly proven


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