Yuma County schools are still looking for teachers

As we approach the beginning of the school year, Yuma County is still looking to fill teacher positions.

Yuma County Superintendent Tom Tyree said, “It continues to be a downward spiral.”

Tyree says there is very little money in the budget to hire new teachers and to give pay raises.

Alice Byrne 5th grade teacher Anna Reagle said, “A pay increase would be a good incentive; the hours that we work aren’t always reflected in our pay.”

Tyree said, “We have teachers continue to leave our district locally to go to other states and another challenge is the difficult time we’re having filling the positions that we have.”

Reagle said, “I didn’t get into teaching for the money; teaching is a job you have to love.” Reagle says they are given only 100 dollars a year to help with supplemental material and school supplies.

Reagle said, “We just have to work with what we’re given and make the best of it.”

According to the Yuma County Schools human resources department, teachers start out at approximately $32,000 a year.

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