Yuma County Sheriff’s to receive funds from state

YUMA, Ariz. – Fulfilling a key campaign promise, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey approved an additional $557,000 for Cochise and Yuma County Sheriff’s this week. The extra law enforcement funds will pay for border security programs, staffing and safety equipment used when dealing with illegal crossers.

“The money that we’re receiving from the state is going to offset the cost that we have had because of drug smugglers coming into Yuma County,” said Alfonso Zavala, Spokesperson for the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.

YCSO officials say last year alone 114 illegal migrants and drug smugglers were prosecuted through their system costing their agency $800,000.  Those illegal migrants and drug smugglers are then brought to Yuma County Jail, where they’re housed and fed as they await court proceedings.
“Since operation streamline the US Attorney’s Office will no longer prosecute any cases like this that the state is now having to prosecute and move through the court system. So it’s very important that we receive this money,” said Zavala.
No word yet on when or how much of the allotment YCSO will receive from the state.

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