Yuma County Students see Arizona Supreme Court in action

YUMA, Ariz. – They’ve overseen controversial cases like immigration Senate Bill 1070.  Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court showcased their work to Yuma County High School students. SB1070 was Arizona’s attempt for law enforcement to search people they thought were immigrants without documents. In their visit the Supreme Court heard two other law enforcement search and seizure cases. Six-hundred people attended this rare display at Gila Ridge High School. 
Gila Ridge High Principal Suzanne Alka said, “Being a former government teacher and social studies teacher I was very excited to have the opportunity to host the supreme court.”
Most Yuma County High students experience the unique opportunity to see the state’s Supreme Court at work. “I’m going to go to NAU for criminal justice. I want to be in law enforcement so going into this and stepping into this and watching the other side of what I take to the courts and what they do with it I find interesting,” said Gila Ridge Senior Ben Thrailkill.
Attorneys presented their timed arguments just as they would at the Phoenix Court. Each had twenty minutes to present their argument. The display of judiciary action is part of a state-wide tour the justices make twice a year. This promotes understanding of the Supreme Court’s judicial system.
Chief Justice Scott Bales said, “It’s important that we do a better job with civic education in our schools and I think in a small way by coming out and holding arguments in schools like Gila Ridge, I hope that we’re aiding in that effort.”
This week is the court’s first visit to Yuma County in ten years.

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