Yuma County Superintendent seeks 4th term with school

YUMA, AZ- Yuma County Superintendent Tom Tyree is running for his 4th term as Superintendent.


Tyree said, “Yuma County Superintendent of schools is a great position from which to work and advocate of public education and Yuma County as well as across the state so it’s a position that I believe I could do that effectively from and one I look forward to hopefully doing in another 4 years.”
He’s already served almost 14 years as superintendent, but he plans on continuing to be in the education system and still believes Yuma has a long ways to go with certain areas.


In the next four years Tyree plans to strongly advocate public education.
Tyree adds, “We’re very involved in getting the J-TED in Yuma county started and very proud of that effort and one that was an effort that was accomplished by a number of people in our community so that’s up and running. And we have a great technology project with Sysco technologies that’s been up and running.”
Now he’s counting on the public to help him get re-elected come November when the general election takes place.



“I don’t think that you ever take anything for granted. these position that we have as elected officials is not positions that we own. I think that once that we earn we have to continue to earn the trust and the confidence of Yuma County and I hope to be able to do that” said Tyree.



He tells us why he wants to get re-elected.
Tyree adds, “Do everything I can to improve education in Yuma County. I love this community. I’ve lived here pretty much all my life. And I’m going to do everything possible to make this the absolute best place possible to be educated in and to grow up and live in.”

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