Yuma County’s High School J-TED program receiving $2.3 million

YUMA, Ariz. – Yuma County’s High School J-TED program is receiving $2.3 million in Southwest Technical Education District (STED) funds to help take career and technical education programs to new heights.

Kevin Imes, Superintendent for STED of Yuma said, “Yuma Union is receiving 2.1 million and Antelope in the East Valley they’ll receive about $200,000.”

They’ve been in operation for almost nine months now and the intent is to build a pipeline of skilled workers to support the industry. Get the kids a place to connect them to their future.

Imes said, “Making them aware of the programs that are available. The other one is getting industry aware of the programs that are out their in order to support them.”

He mentions it’s about 70% of the revenue that we generate for students who are attending schools. 

“Arizona Department of Education pays schools based off a formula that they’ve created which is very low. And we in turn around and support the current technically education with that money and it’s about 70 percent of what we’ve received” said Imes.

He believes the key to education is relevancy that way the students are engaged.

He adds, “They’re more likely to stay in school and attend. The graduation rates go up, the test scores go up it connects them to their education. It’s also voluntarily they’re picking up programs for which they’re interested in so they have a direct connection to what they’re interested in and what they want to do in the future.”

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