Yuma couple files lawsuit against dealership Friday

Yuma couple files lawsuit against dealership Friday

YUMA, Ariz. – A former Yuma Recreational Vehicle (RV) dealership claimed it could take any vehicle in on trade for years is now being accused of leaving customers in the dust.

R.V. Peddler, Incorporated closed its doors early April. The company was placed on a four-year probation as part of a settlement agreement with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Now, Attorney David Karnas is spearheading a mass-action lawsuit against the dealership.

Karnas says, “The lawsuit was filed today based on four plaintiffs, the Neals and the Kahlers.”

Lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit are David and Alta Neal of Yuma. The say they traded in a truck and RV for another RV, but claim R.V. Peddler, Inc. never paid the liens. So they haven’t been able to obtain a title for their RV.

David Neal, who is suing R.V. Peddler, Inc. says, “We signed over our vehicles and we had clear titles on them.”

The Neals say they got the run around from the owner.

“It’s in progress, you can trust us,” is what David Neal say he was told by the dealership.

The Neals knew they needed to seek legal action.

“What happened at that point, we knew we had some problems coming,” says David Neal.

Now the Neal family fear the worst, losing their traveling home because the title is faulty.

David Neal says, “You worry that you are going to wake up and your motor home isn’t going to be there. You worry about the future.”

Karnas says the law firm has received several calls and complaints for help.

“We anticipate, based on our investigation, that they’re over 100 victims; it’s sad to see,” says Karnas.

According to the DMV, R.V. Peddler, Inc. agreed to pay nearly $65,000 in penalties. Dealership Owner Faye Morero wouldn’t return calls.

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