Yuma couple indicted for selling millions of gallons of stolen water

YUMA, Ariz. – A Yuma couple is headed to court in Phoenix next week. Philip and Suzanne Clark face dozens of counts against them. Federal investigation claims their drinking water company, Diamond Brooks, sold stolen water between at least 2010 and 2012. Court documents estimate more than 70 million gallons was taken from the City of Yuma and the Colorado River. That’s an estimate of a $200,000 loss to Yuma.

A Diamond Brooks secretary said the couple was unavailable to comment but acknowledged they are aware of the indictment and arraignment next week.

Feds claim the Clarks did this using a city fire suppression pipeline on the Diamond Brooks property. The indictment also lists the Clarks evaded company taxes and owe money to the Internal Revenue Service. City of Yuma officials released a statement saying, “The City of Yuma has been working in cooperation with the IRS and FBI for the last several years in support of their investigation of this case. The City continues to pursue reparation of damages through the civil litigation we filed against Mr. Clark. However, as Colorado River water is ultimately under federal jurisdiction, the alleged theft of this water became a federal case. We will continue to monitor the movement of their case as well as our own.”

Because the case involves Colorado River water it is a federal issue. The Clarks are set to appear for their arraignment next week in Phoenix.

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