Yuma dove hunting season begins

Yuma dove hunting season begins
YUMA, Ariz. –  Yuma’s staple dove hunting season is back Tuesday, Sept. 1 a half hour before sunset.  Yuma Visitor’s Bureau anticipates less of a turn out at the start of the two week season as it falls at the beginning of the week, but officials say Labor Day weekend could provide an economic boost to the area.
Hunters from all over, especially California, contribute to sales in local restaurants and hotels. Visitor’s Bureau officials add it’s a perfect time to make up for a slow summer, but as hunters to be mindful of agricultural land.
“Somebody that really takes the brunt of dove hunting are the growers, the farmers who are out there and have the dove hunters out there so we always just want to ask dove hunters to clean up after themselves, pick up their shells, and just be good stewards of the land,” said Linda Morgan with the Yuma Visitor’s Bureau.
You can log onto Yuma Dove Hunting for full details on rules and regulations, as well as where you can get a permit to hunt any mourning or white-winged dove.

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