Yuma locals spend their Labor Day at the river

Yuma locals spend their Labor Day at the river

YUMA, Ariz- Nothing like dancing with your friends to good music on Labor Day weekend by the Colorado river.

Many Yuma residents decided to stay in town this year to enjoy the holiday.

One local said, “I’m with my boyfriend and his family so we’re just here at the river and we’re having fun. We’re just getting started so let’s see what the day brings us.”

“I brought my sisters out here who came to visit from LA so I wanted to show them how actually nice and beautiful it gets out here and we just came with all of our kids having a great time here.”

On Labor Day the Ocean to Ocean Bridge is a great destination for Yuma locals who enjoy tubing or having a barbecue with their friends and family.

One visitor came out from LA and said, “It’s my first time and I’m out here visiting my sister so we just wanted to come see it.”

While others were getting buried in the dirt.

One Yuma resident said, “It feels really heavy. I let them do it we have fun building castles and playing with the dirt.”

Yuma residents tell the community to come out and get in on the fun.

One Yuman said, “Yes, oh definitely it’s a good weather right now it’s not as hot as the other days. Last week or a couple weeks. It’s actually a great time to come out here and spend time with the kids.


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