Yuma man accused of derailing a train in 2015 faces charges

Yuma man accused of derailing a train in 2015 faces charges

OXNARD, Calif.-

A Yuma man, accused of causing a train derailment in Oxnard, California that killed the engineer and injured 34 passengers and crew members, exactly one year ago today, faced his charges on Monday.

Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez was driving southbound on Rice avenue near 5th street about 5:30 a.m. February 24th when he turned right onto the railroad tracks and stopped.

The train slammed into Ramirez’s truck flipping three of its five cars onto their sides.

Among the 35 people injured was Engineer Glenn Steele, 62, who died a week later.

We reached out to NTSB and Spokesman Terry Williams says it is an ongoing investigation.

We spoke to Francisco Castillo with Union Pacific, who said the most important thing to do when your vehicle is disabled is to call the Response Management Communications Center number.

Castillo said, “If we get a call, the trains are stopped immediately. If you cant get a hold of the RMCC number, you can call your local law enforcement.”

Castillo said he can’t speak about the Metrolink crash incident at this time.

Sanchez-Ramirez, who remains free from custody, is scheduled to be arraigned March 23rd.

We spoke to Scott Hendrickson with Ventura County District Attorney’s office, who said if convicted Ramirez faces up to a year in county jail.

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