Yuma Police Department trains its K9’s weekly

Yuma Police Department’s K9 unit has training every Wednesday. During their training Wednesday, they were teaching the dogs to find a decoy.
YPD K9 Handler Zach Miner said, “We just finished a building search here and we had a decoy hidden safe as possible, using a long line and different angles. We cleared the building and ended up finding the decoy with a sleeve, which is a tool our dogs are trained to bite with.
The primary role of the K9’s are that they are a locating tool.
The canines unique capabilities can be used to assist law enforcement in the apprehension of serious offenders in flight or those resisting arrest.
Miner said, “We use natural bite suits, so the dog bites the person instead of its toy.”
Miner said, “We have five dogs, dual purpose, patrol and narcotics, so they find people and narcotics.”
Every chance they get they will do some sort of training with their dogs.
Miner said, “We will have training aids and hide narcotics.”

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