Yuma ranked low in study for economic growth

YUMA, Ariz. – Wallethub.com released a study “2015’s Cities with the Fastest-Growing Economies,” that looked over data for 515 cities across the United States. Yuma placed near the bottom of the list at 514. The city of Yuma disputes the studies findings. City council member Gary Wright says that his peers and businesses in the area should not take the study lightly. He says Yuma has only a 3% growth rate. “I have residents tell me they can’t find jobs and that they are out of work I’m concerned for the families here,” says Wright.

Councilman Wright says that he would like to see businesses and elected officials come together to find a solution to economic issues in Yuma. He would like to start some kind of forum to promote economic growth. He says that Yuma has several great qualities such as its proximity to Mexico and quick commute to San Diego and Phoenix. He says that this should offer the area many economic opportunities and the council should find a way to draw in business to the area.

Gary Wright says that a key industry to focus on in Yuma in tourism. He says that the city needs to be more appealing to local high school and college graduates to try and get them to stay and work in Yuma. The Yuma Visitors Bureau disagrees with the wallethub.com study, and says that Yuma is experiencing growth in many areas and that the findings are not accurate. They say that Yuma is a great place to live and that they are seeing many graduates coming to Yuma to work.

We spoke to local business owners, some say that business is great in the Winter season and can be slow during the Summer months, but that Yuma is a great place to be in business. The Yuma Visitors Bureau says that the study is not accurate, “The author of that report his job is to make up statistics to get alot of shares and get attention” says Linda Morgan the Executive Director of the Visitors Bureau. She says many things in Yuma have been improving, “All you have to do is look around Yuma tourism is up building is up”. But Wright warns that changes do need to be made, “If we continue on a very slow recovery we will be at the end of any study”.

To view the full report from wallethub.com visit: https://wallethub.com/edu/fastest-growing-cities/7010/

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