Yuma residents say sewage fills their yards and landlord has done nothing about it

YUMA, Ariz. – Residents at the Trails End RV Park in Yuma are complaining that sewage constantly fills their yards causing a foul smell and they fear health risks. A resident named Bob Adams says the issue has been going on for about a year and keeps getting worse, he even says sometimes the sewage will go into his bath tub in his home. Several residents at the RV park spoke with us and described harsh conditions and they say sewage flooding their yards is a daily occurrence.

Residents say the owner of Trails End RV Park will not answer his phone and will not return calls to his tenants to discuss any of the issues. The landlord would not comment on camera but did say that they are aware of the issue and working to fix it. The residents say they have not been told of any plans to fix it. County officials confirmed that the landlord was notified recently to fix the sewage issue within 30 to 60 days or they will take further action.


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