Yuma Sector Border Patrol honors fallen agents

YUMA, Ariz. – Eleven U.S. Border Patrol agents were honored at the Yuma Sector Border Patrol’s Annual Commemorative Ceremony.

Lost loved ones were honored with a moment of silence and song Thursday morning. Those in attendance walked through a garden memorial that serves as a reminder of all those agents who have sacrificed so much.

“We recognize and see the children growing up without their fathers. We need to recognize that and the true sacrifice that these agents gave in the line of duty,” said Yuma Sector Border Patrol Chief Anthony Porvaznik.

One of those fallen agents is Hector Clark, his brother Eric Clark says, he remembers him and all that he sacrificed for our community.

“They were after some smugglers and that’s where the accident happened where a train ran into his vehicle killing him and his partner,” Eric Clark said.

Eleven memorials for 11 men stand at the memorial garden at the Yuma Sector Border Patrol Headquarters, each honoring the fallen agents through out the year.

“This memorial means everything to all the agents out there, mainly the family. They’ll never forget what they stood for what they did for the community, for the agencies,”said Eric Clark.

“I look at these memorials out here and it reminds me how important it is to my job to make sure that the agents that are out there in the field. That I do everything I can out there to make sure they go home safe at the end of their shift,” said Porvaznik.

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