Yuma woman blazes a new boxing trail!

YUMA, Ariz. – Junior Super Welterweight contender Selena Arellano is on a mission. She’s on the verge of making a historic accomplishment never done by a female out of Yuma; fight in a professional bout.

Arellano’s passion for the sport has been around as long as she has, as she grew up watching various fighting greats; including Mexican boxer Jackie Nava and the late Muhammad Ali.

The Yuma native began pursuing her dream at the age of 18 and became an amateur fighter a year later. Under the guidance of Yuma Fight Academy trainer Gary Diaz, it didn’t take long for her to get amateur bouts. Diaz saw the potential in Arellano almost immediately.

“Her power, her size; she’s a really tough girl. And her discipline to commit herself to competing. How I’ve seen her grow is her dedication and time in the gym and putting in all the work necessary to becoming a pro.”

As Arellano prepares to step in the ring as a pro, the biggest key for her success is ultimately trusting she can accomplish her high aspirations as a boxer, with her belief that she can succeed at the next level.

She enters her fight against Sonora, Mexico champion Kitori Viteola as the underdog, but Diaz believes Arellano is by far underestimated. He also believes the fight may come down to how much Arellano really wants to win it.

“A key to victory in this one right now is just her determination. Determination to win and she has what it takes to win.”


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