Many Yumans are for sales tax increase

YUMA, Ariz. – The city council voted yes to approve an ordinance that would increase sales tax by 0.3 percent.

This now allows voters to decide on the city sales tax come November.

One Yuma resident said, “I’d probably be in favor for it. We need more police and we need more roadway construction improvement.”

Mayor Nicholls said, “They will only be used for public safety or roads. Transportation projects so we can add some additional funds into those two areas to address some pretty significant needs.”

Yuman Dennis Denmark adds, “There being under paid anyways. And I think that they’re more deserving. Definitely in Yuma.”

One resident said with all the congestion, he feels this small increase is necessary.

He adds, “You know some congestion and some areas that need to be fixed up. Especially for the winter visitors in Yuma. Anything they can do to relieve the congestion is good.”

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